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Do you dream of learning to manage your stress? Communicate non-violently and defuse conflicts? Managing the aggression of a visitor?
We have the solution !
Our experts and our tailor-made training service will revolutionize your approach to conflict.

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Prioritize dialogue, be ready for action !

Find our specific programs  to controlling conflicts in various professional situations
(Reception, hospitality, catering, transport, hospitals, security forces, etc.).

Opt for training designed for you, we provide you with adapted and realistic solutions to the situations you may encounter in your workplace. 


who are we ?

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Specialist in training in conflict management, self-defense and sports engineering for businesses, EFFICIENT FIT is the key player in improving the safety climate and well-being of your employees when carrying out their work.

The diversity of our activities and the quality of our services offer you the guarantee of total success for your business, between work, leisure and relaxation.

In two words kindness and excellency.



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Our experts pass on all their knowledge to manage conflicts. Anticipation, analysis and adaptation, you will know everything! Thanks to our techniques based on a study of the environment, natural and effective gestures, you will learn to defuse the conflict and thus prevent verbal and then physical escalation.


Législation, gestion du stress, self-défense, team building, outils d’aides décisionnelles à l’embauche, tests sportifs spécifiques au poste de travail, bilan de compétences athlétiques. The area of ​​expertise of our experts allows us to offer you a wide range of tailor-made services.

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